Who would ever think plastering can be so much fun? I always thought of plastering as just plain old cement, But when you actually make a sculpture or a shape of some sort it is pretty amazing. At first it was hard trying to get the shape of my hand in the sand, but after a few tries I got it and the mixing of the water and cement was challenging cause I would either have too much water or too much plaster. After I placed the plaster in my hole I had lots more left, so I decided to make other little shapes and letters out of the plaster and that was really fun. I’ve never done anything like this before, and while I was doing it lots of people came up to me asking me what I was Doing and they also seemed very interested so I let them know how to do it. Other ways this can adapt in other activities in our lives is making sculptures out of just anything and having fun and experimenting with your inner self.


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