WK3-Classroom Conversation -Leah Perez


Meet Leslie Echiveste, she is a Sophomore in college and she is majoring in criminal justice at the moment, but she is still unsure if she wants to persue that as a career. Her dream job would be to become a dentist, ever since she was a little girl she has enjoyed visiting the dentist and even getting her teeth done. The only thing from stopping her from becoming a dentist is math!!! She hates math and to become a dentist there are many math courses you have to take and Leslie doesn’t want to go through all those classes, so she chose not to become a dentist. If Leslie had three wishes they would be one, to stop and freeze time whenever she wants. Two is to have enough money to be able to travel and enjoy life without struggling, but not necessarially be rich. And thirdly to be able to read people’s minds, but only when she wants to. She’s very passionate about her future which I can relate to a lot because she’s always thinking about what’s going to happen next, or what can I  do to better myself or my future. She is also very independent and works hard to provide for herself.


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