WK5-Artist Conversation-Kristi Jensen

Wk 5 – Artist Conversation –

Info Block

Artist:  Kristi Jensen

Exhibition:  Fuse

Media: Silver, Copper, Steel

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery East

Website: none

Instagram: @Whipperton


About the Artist

The artist I chose this week is Kristi Jensen, an amazing metal artist; she is currently enrolled at CSULB and is planning on graduating this upcoming fall with a BFA in Metal and Jewelry. Her focus is more on metal sculptures and jewelry. She’s been working with metal for about two years and it takes about three weeks to completely finish a metal piece. What inspired her to start making art out of metal is her grandfather because when she was a little girl she would see her grandfather take apart T.Vs, then put them back together,  self-taught, always trying new things was her influence as well.  Jensen’s hobbies are knitting fiber stuff, watching walking dead, loves iron and leather, and loves setting things on fire.  Her dream is to be able to make a living doing metal related and incorporate what she has learned and to make money doing it.

Formal Analysis

Metal is Jensen’s main focus and how she sculptures it uses it to make jewelry.  She uses silver, steel, and copper and she explains that copper is much easier to work with and its cheap and silver is expensive, but also easy to work with. While I was looking and analyzing her art I notice many different curvilinear lines, gestural lines which had a common thread and the beautiful colors she chose the piece to be. The purple and blue metal neckless she made was her favorite piece just because she can see herself wearing it and she really enjoyed doing that piece as well. Before she starts the actual metal sculpture process she first starts by sketching out a drawing, then she adds the metal on the outline to see how it looks more 3D. Jenson also had another artwork that I enjoyed looking at and it was a metal sculpture that looked and was shaped like an onion, the lines were very curvilinear and  the color was almost a black, but more like a dark brown.

Content Analysis

Jensen’s idea was to join or blend a form of ethnicity which displays a broad collection of work stemming from the metals and jewelry department. Jensen’s passion for metals and jewelry is clearly shown through her art pieces. The main tools that she uses for her artwork is a saw and whole bunch of sand paper. She had a problem naming her pieces and the art talk; she wasn’t sure what to call her art work. The main reason why she loves to work with metal is because she enjoys burning things and being able to melt things and create something completely new from something old.

Synthesis / My Experience

Walking into the art exhibit I didn’t know what to think at first because I didn’t really know what the pieces were made out of and I knew it had to be some type of metal and then I saw lot of jewelry that caught my eye. Many of the pieces looked like it would take a long time to make and create and it also sounded like it would be easy to make, but there’s a process that you have to do and it does take a while to create different things and sculptures out of metal. Her work conveys a process that is learned from technique and is driven from learning new and different things in the process.


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