WK6-PhotoWalk-Leah Perez


I chose to do Valentina Ramirez’s photo walk  because I was interested in the places that she was going to take us to.During the walk I noticed that I passed a lot of places that I nerver would acually stop and admire. I didn’t realize how much art and Beauty are school really has, especially the scenery and how we have all different types of trees. I was really amazed by the trees and plants that we have at school mostly because I’m a nature person and it was all so beautiful to me. I also didn’t realize the different places we had at school like the Japanese Garden, bowling down in the Student Union and the museums that we have and how it’s open to the public. Now I know I can take my boyfriend to school and call it a date night because of all the activities we have here that we both can enjoy. Before starting the walk I was looking for sculptures, anything that popped out, nature, the scenery and colors. This photo walk was a very fun and learning experience for me, I didn’t want it it to stop, but I remembered that I look at these things everyday and I have access to these things.  Valentina did an amazing job showing us around the school and when she took us to the Japanese garden my jaw dropped because of how beautiful it was, I wanted to take thousands of picture of the place, but I just tried to take one of the whole place.


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