image.jpegHi my name is LULU I’m half human and half Rabit. I just turned 21 and I moved from Arizona to Boston because I felt like I needed to be an a better environment. At the moment its hard to make new friends because people find it weird that I’m half rabbit and all people do is stare. One day I came across this newspaper and read about Moonbase Alpha so I decided  I was going to take a trip there so maybe they can help my problem.  I got to Moonbase Alpha on my rocket ship because I heard they can turn me to a full human.  When I got here I felt at home because I seen many different types of creatures and I was just happy I wasn’t the only one who was different.  I became like this because an evil witch casted a spell on me when i was a child, so ever since i been trying to find a way to turn back to becoming a human. I am very excited to be here because the viber here is positive and everyone here are so friendly and my first three friends that i met here are pretty chill amd amazing so you guys should go check them out.

Links to three friends…






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