WK9- Artist Conversation- Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Info Block

Artist: Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig

Exhibition: All Work All Play

Media: Copper, Sterling Silver, Brass, Enamel, Fishing Wire, Spray Paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Werby Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: N/A


About the Artist

Sean Joy Rosario Cabanig is from Los Angeles, she attends CSULB and is in her last semester of her BFA in metal work and is hopefully graduating this spring. When she first arrived to CSULB she was enrolled as a creative writing major for poetry and then she chose to work with metals and then switched to being a metal major. Her favorite piece is the finger brace because it was a fun piece to do and the movie Forrest Gump was her inspiration to that piece. For fun she loves to hang out with her boyfriend and just stay home and play halo. She also loves to go out to eat and try to make and experiment with food as well.

Formal Analysis

In the exhibit most of her work was made up of mostly silver and copper, they were pretty small pieces as well.  She explained that some pieces can take an entire day, a few weeks, or a whole month to do, but it depends on how much time you are willing to put in to the artwork. I really liked the finger brace piece just because she said the movie Forrest Gump was her inspiration and I love that movie as well.  There was also a piece that was black and white that had white flower designs on it that looked like a plate set, and it looked really smooth and shiny. She said that piece was made from enamel which is ground glass is heated up to 1500 degrees.  That piece was inspired by her emotional state at that time in her life.

Content Analysis

One thing that she explained about her exhibit was that it was very experimental for her; she was able to play with a lot of things. She describes her work as being cool and humorous because she’s able to express her feelings in her work.  She named her exhibit “All Work All Play” because she learned the meaning of patience and being able to work hard and not rushing through life because you can try to rush, but from her experience you are going to work too hard, while barely getting any air to breath. She takes it hard when her end result isn’t what she wanted and when that happens the pushes herself harder so next time it can be better. She loves working with metals because she loves perfecting their technique aspects because it allows her to create what matches her moods, thoughts, and environments.

Synthesis / My Experience

Walking into the exhibit I noticed a lot of pieces that caught my eye and I noticed a lot of metal that was being used like silver and copper.  I really liked the meaning of “All Work All Play” because I can relate to the artist as well because I feel like if you rush through something and don’t really put in any effort then you won’t have a good ending result. And when you take your time and have patience with an art piece it will come out more satisfying and have a better ending result because you worked hard on it instead of rushing through it.  She did say she had a struggle in finding a balance of work and play in which I can also relate to because I feel like school comes first, but then I want to go out and enjoy my free time as well, but you have to be able to sacrifice all your free time bow so that in the future it will be easier for you.


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