Most definitely words and pictures can capture an experience in so many different ways, there is a saying that a picture is worth a thousand words and I believe it does. There’s also another saying that every picture tells a story and in most cases that’s also true. Creating pictures helps individuals to sort out their own thoughts and feelings, after which they are able to express themselves more clearly.  The picture may speak for itself, sometimes communicating more about an activity experience than a verbal picture would achieve. The style of the words or images can matter to some artist, but not all. For example if an object is moving and the picture was blurry then it may have a different meaning then a picture that wasn’t blurry at all, people look at are differently and they have their own opinion on art. Other ways to share an experience with people who aren’t there to share in it live is to video call them or try to take pictures. The act of trying to document an experience to me makes me feel like I’m actually getting into the experience or the activity a lot more, I feel like I’m more into it. When I take pictures of the experience I feel more engaged and I enjoy the experience more.

My experience of not taking pictures in the library felt normal to me, cause I don’t take pictures in there and I usually don’t see people taking pictures in there any ways.  The only reason it felt a little odd was because for art class we usually document our activities through a lot of pictures. And usually when people take pictures in the library it’s not of them reading or on the computer, but of other things. Taking pictures in the bookstore felt a little strange just because I was taking pictures of random sections in the bookstore and some people kept staring at me because I think they thought I was trying to take pictures of them. But to be honest if I took pictures in the library and not the book store I feel like it would be a lot more awkward and disturbing to some people.

My experience of this whole activity was really enjoyable and fun because I got out of my comfort zone just a little. It was so random and odd how we all got giant books and took them to the computer waiting area and just sat there quietly and started reading them because people don’t do that in the library anymore, we are too focused on other things and don’t really use the library for what it’s really used for. Its funny cause we should be reading in the waiting room, but when people passed by it was odd to them maybe because we were reading huge books or they thought we were a flash mob. When I was in the bookstore I noticed they don’t really advertise the books, but other things like clothes, electronics, instruments, and other things, but it’s called a bookstore where you think they would just have books or mostly books.

The nature of space changes though time and always will, on the first floor of the library we have computers and a Starbucks, I’m sure years ago the first floor was filled with just books . Same goes for the bookstore, I’m sure all they were selling were books instead of clothes and computers.  In a few years we probably won’t even have books; just our electronics and computers will be all we need in college. As for education I feel like it will advance just because of the type of access people will have, for example now people can stay at home and still get an education and take online courses and  they never had that years ago. Education will change in a positive way in time I believe because new things are getting made and advancing.


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