WK12- Art Conversation- Jennifer Chen

Info Block

Artist: Jennifer Chen

Exhibition: Succession

Media: Printmaking, Digital Print and Gloss

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov West Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None


About the Artist

Meeting Jennifer Chen at the gallery was really fun and exciting. She is a graduate student from Cal State Long beach in bio. She started to get into printmaking in her early 20s and now wants to peruse in it.  Her main idea and ideas about her work is to describe the disturbance in a land scape and change. She wanted to show different native trees and non scape on its self. She first starts by the printing process then the masking process, like a mano type that uses gloss so it has 3 dimensional quality. She also does microscope work and uses an alpha camera to capture her work.  Next semester Chen wants to start a printmaking art270 class to introduce printmaking.  

Formal Analysis

In Chens work it consist of a lot of printmaking of pictures that she took of the landscape which shows lots of details in the tree bark and she uses google map to help her as well. She uses 3D- prints also to show her landscapes better, her images also have a shiny Look to it so it can look glossy and have more of a 3D effect to it. The sizes of her work are all different sizes and the nigger it is the longer it takes to get it done. The colors used in her art pieces are black, white, different shades of green, and pink to show the landscapes different angles and details.

Content Analysis

Chen try’s to illustrate in her work the importance of,” home not as a location, but as an experience safety”.  Chen also tries to emphasize the meaning of landscape and the disasters of landscapes. She wants to make home feel safe and she wants us to bond together in a common experience of belonging.  In her work she also uses paint with minimal color mixing and she says the use of color establishes symbolism for familial identity.

Synthesis / My Experience

Walking into the art exhibit I was amazed by how real the images looked and the 3D quality made it look even better. Her idea of the landscape and disturbance was really interesting to me because it made me think about the environment I live in and how we have had so many natural disasters all around the world and once our home is destroyed then we feel like we lost something important to us, home is a place of security.



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