So I ended up using an Altoids box and the things I put in was a stone, crayon, sticky notes, bottle caps, a Bob Marley stitch on patch, and one of my fortunes from a fortune cookie. The whole experience  was really fun and exciting, I wouldn’t think that just putting little things in a box can be so thrilling and fun. Finding someone’s Geo wasn’t a challenge for me at all. I was in Upland to visit my dad so when I tried to track some down there was a lot near me. I chose to go to one that was placed at Mc Carthy park right down the street from me. At first I didn’t think there was going to be something there or it was going to be reallt hard to find, but the App and location was very accurate and I ended up finding a box inside a black pole. When I seen it I was very surprised because they had a really good hiding spot and the box blended in with the pole as well. When I opened it there was a log book, a plastic bag full of little toys, and an image taped to the box, and a baseball card. Because I never knew about Geocatching this was a new experience for me and I will most definitely do it again. I placed mine in a tree where my box fit just right, well I had to really squeeze it in and I couldn’t use my phone for google map so I used my brothers phone for the tracking.This definetly made me think differently about places and the different experiences and ideas that are mapped into the place we inhabit because we are creating something new and exciting for others to look at. Every place and scenery can mean different things to different people because people experience different things. Some places may carry many secrets that people don’t know because they haven’t experienced certain things there. I believe you can map feelings and emotions onto geography of a place because for example when I was with my Ex we would go out on late night drives and bust missions at certain places and now everytime I pass the place or location I don’t think of it anymore as just an ice cream spot, but more of oh that’s where I would talk all night with my ex about life and I get a little sad inside. So a location can bring out different emotions and feelings out of someone.


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