WK12- Classmate Conversation-Adilene Leon

imageMeet Adilene Loen from Huntington Beach. This is her first year and she commutes everyday from Huntington Beach to CSULB. She likes to go Kayaking, Sailing, Canoeing, Swimming and she loves to dance to Cumbia music. She enjoys going to the beach with friends to watch the sunset while she eats food. Right now she is working a part time job and has been working since she was 13 years old. She hates scary movies, loves to cook, but hates the whole cleaning process of it. She actually enjoys driving and cruising around. She also enjoys camping because all she does is sleep. Me and Adilene relate a lot because we both are still undecided with our majors and don’t know what we want to be or do in the future ant it is a bit scary for me because im a junior and should already know by now.



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