WK13-Art Experiment-ACP


In this ACP I am sending my  bestfriend Daniel mix of things. I haven’t seen him for 5 years because he moved when we were in high school and I was miserable she he left me. We’ve always kept in contact because we FaceTime each other all the time, but since our lives been so busy we been distant so I wanted to send him an ACP without him knowing so he knows that I’m always thinking of him no matter how busy our lives are. The list of things I put in there is a deflated happy birthday balloon because his birthday will be in 2 weeks, a college book because he’s been stressing about what college he wants to transfer to and I ripped out a page that I thought was good for him to look at.i put pictures of us that we took, a deck of cards because we would always play at school and always bet money for it, the I put an origami that’s made out of a dollar which took me hrs to make because he was trying to tecach me, but I gave up and I finally decided to finish so I’ll send that off to him as well. I or in my bible devotional, because he’s been trying to focus more on being positive and speak to God and I thought that mine would ease his mind and be a step to getting closer to God. This morning I read in a magazine a heathy recipe, and I know he’s been on a diet and working out so I ripped out the page so ge can try to make it. I put my parking ticket I got at school the day I had a huge breakdown and called him and he calmed me down, I put an image of amber rose because he is madly In love with her at the moment and the last thing I put is a patch that he made me when we were in middle school. He sent me the one that I made him last year and he thought I lost the patch he made me, this patch has so much meaning to me because of the place and time we made it, we were both going through so much and we even did a little ritual on it.

  1. Sending someone an ACP and sending someone a Snapchat are similar because it shows that you are thinking about that person and you’re letting that person know that you’re  there. Its also similar because its unpredictable and both are anticipated , meaning you don’t know what someone is sending you on snap and you don’t know what someone is sending you to your house.
  2. Sending someone a snapchat is different from sending someone an ACP because when you send a snapchat you can only view it for a short period of time and when you get an ACP you have it physically and you can do anything with it and it has a lot more meaning to it.
  3. Ephemera is very preciouses in my view because it can be an item or picture or something written and it can be vering memorable and meaningful to you, but  its only for a short period of time. it does suck that its only for a short period of time where you experience that feeling, but you know at that moment how it made you fell and how important it was to you. It may gain value over time for example I remember one day I was having the worst day, it was emotional for me becuasue of all the thing going on in my life and to top it off I had gotten a parking ticket and i had a huge breakdown. So when i look at my parking ticket it brings back good and bad memories because I overcame it and realized i can get through anything. I have a patch that my best friend made me and even though its a tiny piece of material it has so much meaning to me because of what he had to do to make it and its funny because the pattern reminds us of a day we spent together, theres just so much things i can think of when i look at the patch, nut it brings enjoyment in my life.
  4. Art that is seen by others at a museum of modern art is different from art that is seen by few like the art care package because the care package is more personal and is specifically direct to a person rather than when you see an art piece that is seen by others it has different meanings to people and it doesn’t feel as personal.
  5. Time and effort can definitely change your view on something, when I snapchat people from across the globe and get snaps from others it is exciting because it feels live and its a picture or video that makes it seem like I’m actually there with them. I do like how fast I get snaps because it keeps me updated and I’m not bored throughout the day and it keeps me posted. As for receiving an ACP it does take a long time, but the wait it totally with it because when you get it you realize how much meaning is put in it and the thought they put in it makes you feel special. Waiting for the carepackage is better than waiting for a snap because people take time and effort to create something for you.
  6. People sometimes say things like prepare a meal with love. Can you prepare a meal with love as fast as you can get food at a McDonald’s drive-thru? Does an ACP have the possibility of containing a sort of “love” different from a Snapchat?
  7. ACP can show a more deeper love than Snapchat because the fact that you went out of your way to make something and it must be something important for you and the other person because you’re sending something physically to them. Snapchat does also contain love, but not as much because it doesn’t  really take any of your time to just snap a random pic or take a video, but it may mean different things.

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