WK15-Artist Conversation- Nancy Young

Info Block

Artist: Nancy Young

Exhibition: As The Crow Flies

Media: Printed paper, nontoxic ink, wood, mixed media and metal

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None


About the Artist

This week’s artist is Nancy Young, who is majoring in printmaking at CSULB and is going to graduate this semester. This is Young’s final show, so she decided she wanted to have her own exhibit. She actually attended CSULB in 1984, but was on academic probation so that had set her back and then she had gotten kicked out because she had a bipolar and substance abuse disorder in which she  writes about in her bio. This Semester has been really hard for her, but she says it’s all worth it in the end and she enjoys every moment of her art experience. Her plan for the future is to seek out print studios and to make a lot more work here at CSULB.  She personally doesn’t make a living with art, so she works for county orange, a data base job and loves it there as well. She chose to become an art major because it helps you to become more creative and  it doesn’t make you afraid to try new things.  Young’s hobbies are to simply listen to music and be with her dog, she also says most of her work is inspired from her dog.

Formal Analysis

Some of Young’s art is still in process, like the sketching needle pieces because those take longer. Those are pieces you work on from the ground and on top you draw into it the ground using a sketching needle and then you wipe it and rub the ink. There were also the photo palmer plates that I enjoyed looking at because it was so shiny and different, and there was so much detail put in it as well. There were also digital printing pieces as well. A lot of her work is actually images of the school; she took different pictures all around campus and decided to use it for her art. One of the pieces that caught my eye was one of the palmer plates, it looked like the school seen from a fence and it was so well sketched and I thought the lighting shown was amazing.

Content Analysis

Nancy Young has so many inspirations for her work, but she uses her own personal life and puts it in her work the most. The Exhibit is named “As The Crow Flies” for a reason and that’s because a bird is always traveling place to place and is always building new nests and always finding new places to adapt. Her checkout places are Santa Ana, Long Beach, San Pedro and more and her personal Perspective is to bookmark her journey. Her husband’s passing also inspired most of her work because it shows some type of darkness that was going on in her life. While she is doing art it does bring up the past and also the presence and she likes that feeling.

Synthesis / My Experience

One thing I really likes about Nancy was her passion for her work and how she explained each of her steps for each piece and what tool she used. She wanted to make sure we knew the meaning behind her art and she was nice enough to share her personal life with us in which I respect a lot the love she has for art really shows in all her pieces. I really liked that she had so many different things to show us and  she had so many different ideas for each piece.


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